April 9, 2010

Brust set to meet with Coach McCaffery

After a week on the beach in Hawaii with his family for spring break, it was back to reality for Ben Brust. The 2010 Iowa signee has had plenty to process in the last couple of weeks with the firing of the head coach he signed up to play for at Iowa and the hiring of a Fran McCaffery last week.

"The vacation was very relaxing. We had a lot of fun out there as a family, but after about five days I wanted to get back in the gym and start working again," Brust said. "It kind of gave me a break from the reality back home."

The reality back home was that after feeling a strong level of comfort with Todd Lickliter, his lead recruiter Chad Walthall, and the rest of the Iowa staff, he is now getting to know the new man in charge of the Iowa Basketball program.

"We have talked and the conversations have been pretty basic," he said. "We have been trying to get to know each other a little better. He is coming here on Saturday, so I know we will get into greater detail then about what he is planning to try to do with the program."

Right now it is a rapid fire process for both Coach McCaffery and the 2010 Iowa recruits as they have a relatively short window to get to know each other and become comfortable with their future together.

"That's the hard part because I spent over a year getting to know Coach Lickliter, Coach Walthall and the Iowa staff. I had a great relationship with them and a real sense of comfort. That is important to me and to my family. Now that you have to be re-recruited in such a short period of time, it is definitely different."

With the Saturday meeting all set and Coach McCaffery coming to Chicago, Brust has another big event coming up and that is on Friday night when he will play with and against some of the top players in the state of Illinois in the 4th Annual Chicago High School Classic.

"It is going to be a blast," he said. "I know quite a few of the guys that I will be playing with and against. I have been having fun practicing with the guys that I will be playing with on Friday night."

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