July 22, 2006

Scouting Jared Berggren

Princeton 6-foot-10 center Jared Berggren has picked up national recruiting attention with his play at camps and on the road with the Howard Pulley Panthers.

The hometown Minnesota Gophers are watching his progress closely while the Wisconsin Badgers have already offered him a scholarship. Jared was recently in Rogers playing in the Breakdown Summer Showcase with his Princeton Tiger school team.

Play on the Block

For a player that is really still learning the game, Jared really showed some solid skill in Rogers. At the start of his sophomore season, Berggren didn't even start for his high school squad and now he's the focus of his team. Making one jumphook, Jared caught on the middle left block (left is if you are standing at half-court facing the basket) and turned to his left. He stepped in to the lane with his left leg while bodying his opponent clearing solid space for his right handed jump hook. The big man is very comfortable on the left block and when his team spreads the court and swings the ball creating him space to work, there is a very good chance that Jared will score with that jumphook, a dropstep or a slam.

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